2 Child-Friendly Garden Additions Inspired By Daycare Centres

20 November 2017
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If you have children, then you're more than likely aware how having adequate outdoor space for them to play in is important. Kids love being outside where they can explore, use up their boundless energy and benefit from fresh air and exercise. Whether your garden is enormous or more compact, it's important to have a safe and healthy environment with plenty of child-free spaces to keep your kids engaged. As far as ideal environments for children's play goes, daycare centres are a great place to look for inspiration. Read More 

How to Create a Coded System to Make Moving House A Lot Less Stressful

13 October 2017
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Are you somebody who prides themselves on their organisational skills? If you are like a sizeable portion of the population, probably not. Consequently, with a move across the country on the horizon, you may be entering a state of mild panic. Certainly, you cannot believe how many possessions you've accumulated in your existing house and it's going to be quite a job getting them to the other place. Nevertheless, if you want to alleviate a lot of the stress involved with unpacking when you get there, you've got to develop a system of identification. Read More 

Shade Lovers Rejoice: Outdoor Blinds Are Here!

7 July 2017
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If you love the summer, but prefer to stay in the shade you may find it difficult to find a shaded spot in your garden. Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution to the problem and allow you to have blinds fitted to almost any structure. From pergolas to car ports, your outdoor blinds can be adapted to almost any area giving you the shade you need on the hottest days of the year. Read More 

Storage Hacks You Can Use Around Your Home

28 June 2017
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Most homeowners would like to have more storage in their home, for all those everyday items you collect over the years and which easily get in the way when you're trying to go about your day. If this sounds like your home, note a few storage hacks you can use that will keep items organized and at your fingertips, and out of the way of foot traffic. By the front or back door Read More 

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Sofa or Lounger

23 June 2017
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Your home's sofa is a very important piece of furniture; other than your bed, the sofa is probably the one piece of furniture that you spend the most time on! The sofa is also usually the focal point of the living room, so it needs to be comfortable, durable, and attractive. Note a few features to consider when choosing a sofa or lounger so you know you find one that you'll enjoy and that will fit your living space overall. Read More