How to Create a Coded System to Make Moving House A Lot Less Stressful

13 October 2017
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Are you somebody who prides themselves on their organisational skills? If you are like a sizeable portion of the population, probably not. Consequently, with a move across the country on the horizon, you may be entering a state of mild panic. Certainly, you cannot believe how many possessions you've accumulated in your existing house and it's going to be quite a job getting them to the other place. Nevertheless, if you want to alleviate a lot of the stress involved with unpacking when you get there, you've got to develop a system of identification. What's involved?

Start as You Mean to Go On

Firstly, make sure that you have an adequate supply of packing materials before you even begin the task. It can be difficult to assess how many boxes you may need, but don't skimp and remember that you can always take back any unused items when all is done.

You will need to get into the habit of putting "like with like." In other words, don't just throw everything into the box to try and get the job over as quickly as you can, but be logical about it. Items that tend to live very close to each other in the kitchen should sit in the same packing box for the journey.

What Goes Where and When?

For many people, the unpacking stress revolves around the fact that all of the boxes look the same. This doesn't help the professional removal team either, as a virgin box could be destined for the attic, the garage or the living room – or somewhere in between.

Labels and Markers

Pick up a selection of labels in a variety of different colours and while you're there, get some permanent markers with different shades, as well. This will help to give an immediate visual clue to anyone who is approaching the removal truck and ready to offload. Now, all boxes that are destined for the garage can carry a yellow label, while all of those from the kitchen can carry a blue one, for example.

Next, label each box according to its priority. Put a large "H" for high, "L" for low on the top and side and this will determine what boxes need to be prioritised. For example, boxes that contain items needed to make refreshments for everyone at the new place should be marked with an H and carry a blue label.

Numbering System

If you want to go even further, you can put a number from 1 to 10 on each box as well, to determine the order in which each box should be removed from the truck.

Making It Easier

With a little forward planning and some packing aids from your removal team, you can make this task a lot more enjoyable than you might have first thought.