Three Simple Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your Home's Exterior

14 July 2023
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Although decking your loft space out of digging down to provide extra storage space in a basement are both viable options, the simplest way to gain more space to store items in the majority of Australian homes is to use the exterior space. Additional storage units in your garden or yard won't necessarily mean needing to apply for planning consent, depending on the size of the construction and the local regulations that are in place. What storage units are best for residential outdoor spaces? Read on to find out.


The first option to consider is either building or extending a garage. A modern garage is not only a safe place for vehicle storage but it can also serve a wide variety of other storage roles, as well. Typically, people use these types of storage units to stow away rarely-used household items or tools so they can free up much-needed space within the home. Garages are often designed to match the style of the existing house, thereby adding to the property's curb appeal while offering an affordable, permanent storage solution. Nevertheless, building a garage may mean you have to apply for permission as these are not regarded as temporary structures.

Shipping Containers

Hiring temporary shipping containers is a temporary alternative. These storage units provide a flexible and cost-effective solution when extra storage is needed at short notice and building something would take too long. Typically, shipping containers will be delivered to your home and can be placed anywhere you want them in your garden or drive. In Australia, these temporary storage units are often deployed during home renovations or similar types of projects when the usual storage methods in the house are unavailable. A versatile option, storage containers come in various sizes while providing adequate security and protection from the elements. When the storage period ends, the container will be collected for you, making this a hassle-free option.

Pre-Fabricated Outbuildings

Installing outbuildings to provide practical storage space for your property need not take long. These structures, which cover everything from garden sheds to home studios, can be purchased ready-made and installed in your garden within a day or two. When deployed as pre-fabricated storage units, they provide a quick and very convenient way to create additional storage capacity. What's more, a pre-fabricated outbuilding can be an aesthetically pleasing solution to your storage needs since they come in numerous attractive designs that will fit in with the rest of your garden hand-in-glove.

To learn more about storage units, reach out to a local service provider.