Moving Interstate? Make Sure You Know What Can't Be Taken With You

3 February 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When it comes to moving to a new home, there can be some restrictions on what you're able to move with you. These can conceivably apply to any move, but there are stringent regulations applied to interstate moves. Your chosen interstate removalists may decline to transport certain items, and while some of these items may not be permitted under the moving company's policy, other restrictions are regulated by law. If you're preparing for an interstate move, will these restrictions affect you? 


Before you start packing up your pot plants or even start thinking about digging up small trees and shrubs to transport to your new home, you must first find out if this is permitted. Some moving companies may not transport living cargo (even plants), and some varieties of plant life cannot be moved if there's an applicable biosecurity law in place. There are quarantine zones in place within Australia's states and territories, intended to prevent the spread of invasive species. Before planning to move any plants, double-check with your moving company. 

Dangerous Goods

The Australian Dangerous Goods Code also applies restrictions to what can be transported. These regulations exist for both commercial cargo and residential moves. Just because the items in question are for your own use, they're not exempt from the code. A moving company may be unwilling to transport these items as they may be subjected to fines if said items are in fact prohibited. The good news is that there's nothing particularly exotic about these items, and any restrictions applied to their transport are largely a matter of common sense. 

Prohibited Items

So what might you be planning to pack up that can't in fact be moved? Before you pack any petrol, fertilisers, pesticides, solvents, a BBQ gas bottle or even cleaning products, you must check with your moving company. They'll be able to inform you what can and can't be moved, and if this is their own policy or a legal requirement. Fortunately, most of these items are easy to replace, and there can be exemptions. This is why you should never make assumptions about what may or may not be prohibited and should talk to your moving company for clarification.

So even though you might not be able to take everything you planned to when you move interstate, those exclusions are unlikely to include anything that will be missed. And of course, these items are excluded for very good reasons.

For more information, contact interstate removalists near you.