Aesthetic Considerations When Shopping for Plantation Shutters

29 November 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you renovate your house and have set your eyes on plantation shutters, you will not regret the decision since they are a great choice. Initially designed for stately homes, plantation shutters are perfect for Australia's subtropical climate, thanks to the louvres. In addition, the signature wide slats of plantation shutters allow adequate airflow into a house and double up as aesthetic features. Overall, the simplicity of plantation shutters gives them a timeless look and makes them compatible with any interior style. However, you should understand a few aesthetic considerations about plantation shutters before buying and installing them in your windows.

Plantation Shutters Can Be Motorised 

Most homeowners find it difficult to believe that plantation shutters can be motorised. Well, modern plantation shutters are equipped with a motor, thanks to advancements in automated window coverings. Notably, motorised plantation shutters allow you to change the tilt angle of the louvres throughout the day from anywhere in the house. Moreover, you can program the louvres to tilt or close at specific times to reduce the day's heat and direct sunlight. It helps protect your carpets, fabrics and floors, whether you are sleeping or away from home. Furthermore, the remote control makes it possible to operate the shutters individually or as a unit.

Hard Fixture Upgrade

When renovating your home, you should think long and hard about the upgrades you are making and whether they are worth the investment. There is no need to install a temporary fixture that must be changed when moving or selling the house. The good news is that plantation shutters are future-proof. For instance, they are the only window treatment that stays with a house as a hard-fixture upgrade. It means that plantation shutters add significant value to your home rather than being a generic detraction. Therefore, whether you will stay in a house for the long haul or plan to sell it, installing plantation shutters is a worthwhile investment.

Louvre Size Dictates Overall View

Do you want an unobstructed view of your backyard or garden, or do you cherish your privacy? The two are some of the questions you should ask yourself since they determine the louvre size to get for your plantation shutters. Notably, plantation shutters with large louvres are perfect for spaces with a panoramic view, such as a garden or a swimming pool area. On the other hand, plantation shutters with narrow louvres are suitable for private spaces such as bedrooms. When tilted slightly, the small louvres provide privacy but still allow adequate air and light into a room.

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