Why Aussie-Made Sofas Should Be Your First Choice

30 August 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When it comes to furnishing your house, nothing is more central or important than the main sofas that you choose. Most people are happy to spend a bit extra on this area of their home because they know that they will make the most use out of it in the long run, but sometimes they can be hesitant to choose Aussie-made sofas because they think they are paying a premium just for a marketing gimmick. However, the truth is that Aussie-made sofas cost more because they are simply better than almost all the competition, and here are a few reasons why.

Australian Wood

A lot of furniture made within Australia utilises the very strong timber that is all over the country. From eucalyptus trees to blackwood varieties, there are a whole host of species you probably have never heard of that are packed into your Aussie-made sofas. Not only does that mean these pieces are sourced from sustainable wood, but it also means that you can trust it will last over some foreign piece of furniture that might be packed full of engineered timber that is extremely cheap and not built for the long haul. Australian carpenters and cabinet makers know how lucky they are to have so many quality trees around them and make good use of them.

No Shortcuts With The Pillows

While the timber is certainly important to the durability of your sofa, what you really want are good pillows and cushioning because this is what you will be most often in contact with. There is no stuffing of pillows with cheap polyester blends here, Australian sofas come with a much higher standard that either has natural feathers (or down) or high-quality memory foams. These pillows are not only more comfortable to the touch initially, but they last longer too, so you can still get that springy feeling in years to come.

Dealers You Can Trust

Buying anything from overseas is always a risk because the manufacturer is not as easy to reach in the event of something going wrong. You will also find that obtaining longer warranties or even reaching customer service can be a real pain. Aussie-made sofas are made by companies with local addresses and phone numbers, so you know exactly who to talk to should you encounter a problem. This gives you the peace of mind to trust spending a few hundred bucks extra for a better piece, as you know you have recourse should the sofa run into issues.

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