Three Principal Tips for Selecting the Best Residential Awnings

21 January 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Installing awnings over your patio or deck will enhance your home. Simply speaking, this feature will provide coverage over your open outdoor living areas. As a result, these spaces will become useable in both fair and adverse weather. Moreover, the furniture on your patio or deck will enjoy better protection from the harmful effects of harsh sunlight or rain. If you're hoping to find awnings that will improve the appeal of your residential read on to learn about selecting one. 

Choose a Good Material

It is crucial to acquire the right material for your residential awnings. The type of material will determine the performance and durability of the structure. Also, your choice will affect the maintenance demands. The materials used in awning fabrication are fabric and metal. Outdoor fabric awnings are favoured because they are an inexpensive choice. Moreover, there are numerous colours and patterns to ensure aesthetic appeal.

However, they are fairly lightweight, so they do not perform well in rainy or snowy conditions. Metal awnings are usually made using aluminium. Aluminium is resilient and performs well in adverse weather. This material requires minimal maintenance, especially in comparison to fabrics. But, you should note that the cost of purchase can be relatively high. Additionally, there are limited colours and structural designs available for selection.

Plan for Awning Mounting

When choosing awnings for your home, you should have a clear plan for installation. If you are uncertain about proper setup, you might acquire products which are incompatible with your structure. Ideally, you should select the part of the home over which you plan to place the awnings. For instance, if you would like to install the feature over the patio, you must measure the area. This will help you ascertain the best unit dimensions. Also, check the mounting surfaces and establish the best strategy for installation. You can discuss the placement options with a Ziptrak awning supplier.

Think about Retraction

If you would like all-weather awnings for your home, you should compare the stationary and retractable units on the market. The right choice will depend on your preference, design vision and budget. Stationary awnings are designed to withstand exposure to harsh climatic conditions like high-wind and snow load. However, they are still susceptible to accelerated wear and require more maintenance. Retractable awnings are more complex in design because they can be withdrawn. These can be concealed during bad weather, ensuring longer-lasting service.