Why Install a Shade Sail Over Your Home's Pool?

16 July 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Shade sails are reasonably common sights around playgrounds, schools and old folks' homes, these days. They have proven themselves to be a versatile means of generating shade in these settings. In addition, you will often spot them being installed over outdoor swimming pools in domestic settings. What benefits do shade sails bring to homeowners with pools?

1. Added UV Protection

To begin with, shade sails provide a great deal of protection from the sun when you are either swimming in your pool or lounging around next to it. Remember that the ultraviolet (UV) levels of sunlight are stronger in Australia and they are in many other parts of the world, so providing additional shade helps to lower your exposure to things like sunburn and even skin cancer. Although the water in a swimming pool will offer a degree of protection, any part of your body that is exposed or near to the surface can still suffer from UV light. However, with a shade sail fitted, your pool will be much better kitted out to provide adequate protection.

2. Improved Privacy

Another good aspect of having a shade sail installed over or next to your swimming pool is that it will offer a much greater degree of privacy. If your garden is overlooked by neighbouring properties, then it might be that you can be seen during your daily swim. However, with the visual barrier that a modern shade sail offers, you should find that you can enjoy your pool without feeling that you are being spied on all the time. After all, many suburban Australian homes have gardens which can be viewed directly into from the upstairs storeys of neighbouring houses.

3. Stop Leaves Falling In

Although it is fair to say that a shade sail will not prevent all debris types of debris from blowing into your pool, they are extremely effective at stopping leaves from falling into it. If you have a garden with deciduous trees growing in it, then clearing out leaves of the pool during the autumn months can be an ongoing chore. What's more, they often block up your filters unless you are proactive at removing them every day. Bear in mind that a shade sail acting as a canopy is not simply there to block out the sun but it can also stop foliage and other forms of debris from falling directly into your home's pool.