When Might You Require Cabinet Makers?

29 January 2020
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You might have heard of different terms that refer to different individuals who deal with wooden structures. Some of the most common names are carpenters, cabinet makers, joiners and shopfitters.

Carpenters deal with large woodwork projects, but they can still have skills in cabinet making, joinery work, shop fitting and even furniture making. You just have to confirm this with them. Joiners handle joinery work; for example, hinges and door and window frames.

What about cabinet makers? When would you need cabinet makers? Cabinet makers handle cabinet and joinery work. They can also sometimes install shelves and shop fittings.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

If you need to install cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, you need cabinet makers. You can also use joiners or carpenters who are skilled in cabinet making, but your first option should be cabinet makers. A specialist who advertises himself or herself as a cabinet maker shows that he or she has majored in cabinet making and has put all his or her focus on cabinet making. This is advantageous to you because you are sure of quality work, up-to-date technologies and designs and professional advice.

Bookshelves and Wardrobes

Most cabinet makers handle bookshelf and wardrobe making work because the work resembles cabinetry to some level. You, however, have to ask or look at the cabinet maker's website to see if he or she has outlined bookshelf and wardrobe making as part of the services offered. This is mostly for those custom made bookshelves and wardrobes because you might come across DIY wardrobes and bookshelf kits.

Shelves and Shopfitting

Shelves are also related to cabinets in some way. You attach them to a wall and they have a surface to place items. For a shop, you might require to install cabinets as well; instead of hiring two different specialists, you can hire a cabinet maker who also specialises in shop fittings.

Just like bookshelves and wardrobes, confirm whether the cabinet maker offers shelf and shopfitting services.

Cabinets for Other Rooms Apart from Bathrooms and Kitchens

Cabinets are not only made for bathrooms and kitchens; you can have small or large moveable cabinets as well (not attached to any wall). These are also made by cabinet makers. If you have difficulty coming up with a design for such cabinets, you can always look at the website of a cabinet maker. These cabinets are a good addition to your bedroom or sitting room.