How to Add Shade to Your Outdoor Space

17 August 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


No matter how spacious your home's outdoor space, you probably won't enjoy lounging on a deck or patio if the area is exposed to too much bright, hot sunlight. A shade feature can make your space more comfortable and inviting and protect your patio furniture from exposure to harsh sunlight and other weather elements. Because there are so many options for adding shade to your outdoor space, you might note a few pros and cons of some favourite choices.

Patio umbrella

A patio umbrella is very large, with a weighted base and a hinged elbow joint that allows you to adjust the umbrella's height and direction. A patio umbrella can help draw attention to a space on your patio or deck so that furniture pieces don't feel like they're spread all over the outdoor space. The fabric of this type of umbrella can also soften the space, providing a nice contrast to patio pavers or timber decking. However, the weighted base of a patio umbrella can seem a bit cumbersome, and the base may actually damage the timber decking or pavers under it.


A pergola can add height and drama to an otherwise dull outdoor space, and the structure can also support an overhead light or outdoor fan. While a pergola's walls are made of slats, they are usually spaced so close together that you will get some privacy from neighbours. The slats of pergola walls can also hold an outdoor curtain or hooks for potted plants, allowing you to create a very welcoming outdoor space. While this can make a pergola a good choice for some yards, note that the structure can look a bit busy and overwhelming for small spaces, and it might also cut off your view of the entire area around your patio or deck.


An awning can add style to a home's exterior walls and provide shade over windows as well as your outdoor space. This can be an important consideration if you live in an area with lots of hot, bright sunlight that makes your home's interior spaces hot and stuffy, as an added awning can mean a cooler inside space. A retractable awning also means maximum flexibility over how much sunlight you get onto your outdoor space, so you can enjoy full sun exposure during milder weather. An awning also offers more protection from rain and wind than other shade sources, so you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather is not ideal. To learn more, contact an awning installation company.