Simple Tips to Maintain Your Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrades

26 July 2018
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Balustrades are one of the most common structural elements in any residence. Whether you need railings on your staircase or have a deck that you want to secure, these structures are the go-to solution for your needs. And if your interior décor is leaning toward a contemporary style, you may have elected to utilise modern materials such as glass and stainless steel for your balustrading. These supplies are not only sleek and appealing, but they also work great together as they complement each other -- not to mention that both toughened glass and stainless steel are sturdy and durable, which increases the safety in your home. To keep your glass and stainless steel balustrades attractive, they need to be cleaned appropriately. This article illustrates handy cleaning tips for the overall maintenance of your glass and stainless steel balustrading.

General cleaning

For periodic general cleaning, all you need for your glass and stainless steel balustrading is some regular detergent mixed in warm water. Liberally sponge the soap solution on the panels and railings of your balustrading to absorb the surface dust, then utilise a microfiber cloth to wipe down the balustrades. Keep in mind that a cotton rag will leave lint on the glass panels, so avoid picking any household rag that you come across.

Eliminating fingerprints

While the sleekness of glass and stainless steel is a major attractor for homeowners, this glossy surface is also prone to fingerprint marks and smudges. If you have young children, you will find that regular cleaning does not eliminate these marks entirely. To tackle fingerprints, you need to wipe down the balustrades with methylated spirit. The spirit dissolves the oils that create the fingerprint stains, leaving your balustrading looking shiny and new!

Tackling discolouration

Discolouration on your glass and stainless steel balustrades can be an eyesore. However, since you cannot protect the balustrades from accidental spills and stains, it is best to familiarise yourself with how best to tackle these eyesores. Fortunately, stain removal is not complicated. When embarking on regular cleaning of your balustrades, start by sprinkling baking soda on the glass and stainless steel surfaces. Let the baking soda sit for a while so that it gets adequate time to absorb the stains. After about an hour, wipe off the baking soda with a microfiber cloth soaked in a stainless steel cleaner. If there is stubborn grime caked on the balustrading, use a nylon brush to break off the dirt, as this material will not damage the surface of the glass or stainless steel.

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