How to Increase Storage in Your Home's Bedroom

20 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Most people wish that they had more storage in their home's bedroom, no matter the overall size and layout, and this is often true even if you have a large wardrobe in the room. Despite having adequate space in the wardrobe, you may still need a few tips on how to keep things neat and organized when stored away, especially smaller accessories that always seem to get lost and messy. Note a few tips and tricks for increasing storage in your home's bedroom so your space is always neat and all your items are organized and easy to find. 


If you have lots of chain necklaces and bracelets, these can get twisted and damaged even if you lay them flat in a drawer. Instead, get a picture frame and replace the backing with a stiff mesh fabric. Hang the frame on the wall or on the inside of the wardrobe door, and then add small hooks to the mesh. You can hang up your chain jewellery from those hooks, keeping them neat and at your fingertips.

Towel bars

Towel bars aren't just for towels! Add a few of these bars inside the wardrobe door and use them to hang scarves and ties. A small bar can also hold sunglasses.

You might also hang a towel bar along the wall of the bedroom, just inside the door and close to the floor, and add hanging hooks. These hooks can hold your shoes so they're off the floor and not stacked on top of each other. Add another towel bar higher up with more hooks, and you can use this area for setting out your clothes for the next day. Those hooks can also hold baskets in which you might store accessories, socks, and other lightweight items, opening up room in your dresser drawers.

Hanging shoe organizer

A hanging shoe organizer is a flat piece of vinyl with clear pockets on its front, hanging from a standard clothes hanger. While this piece may be meant for shoes, you can use them for anything you need to keep organized in the wardrobe! Those pockets can hold scarves, ties, socks, gloves, and even jewellery pieces.

If you need to store your makeup items in your bedroom, use one of these organizers to store your makeup, nail polish, cotton balls, and the like. You can then attach a hook to the inside of the wardrobe door, or inside the bedroom door, for the organizer, keeping accessories neat, accessible, and separate from other items in the wardrobe.