Air Conditioning | 3 Deliberations Before Making A Choice Between Split And Window ACs

15 July 2016
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If you're thinking of adding an air conditioning unit to your bedroom or living room, then you have to make a choice between split systems or window ACs based on certain factors relevant to your conditions and preferences. This guide offers some deliberations to help you make an informed decision between split and window ACs.


Many homeowners prioritise installation ease when it comes to choosing between split and window air conditioning units. Split AC's require a small hole for connecting pipes between the outdoor and indoor unit, so they end up looking neat when set against a convenient wall in your room. Window air conditioners require a larger opening because the entire unit needs to sit inside the hole. You will need to break open a part of your wall or window, which can end up costing you a significant chunk of money on labour unless you decide to do it yourself. If you're looking for installation ease, then split air conditioners are ideal choices for your needs.


Window air conditioning units tend to make more noise because all the components are fit into a single box. This means that any noise from the compressor within the box can be heard in the room while the AC is running. On the other hand, a split AC has an outdoor and indoor unit. All the noisy components are set in the outdoor unit and are typically inaudible indoors, so a split AC is more silent in your home. If you're a light sleeper or if you have small kids at home, split system air conditioning units may be more suited to your needs, even if they are more expensive than their window counterparts.

Room Cooling Effectiveness

While electricity consumption is effectively the same for both window and split air conditioning units, the efficiency of cooling the room may differ slightly. The supply vents from split ACs throw cool air downwards longer and more evenly across the entire room, so they end up cooling down your room faster than window air conditioning units. In comparison, window units have a small area for emitting cool air into the room, so they typically take longer to cool down the entire room. Since you can shut off split ACs faster thanks to their more efficient room cooling effectiveness, they are likely to consume less electricity than window ACs.

Making a decision between split and window air conditioning units is a matter of personal choice and circumstances. If you're looking for these factors in particular, split ACs emerge as winners for your home. Click here for more information.