How to Choose the Right Mower for Your Small Yard

20 April 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Even if you have a "postage stamp" size yard, this doesn't mean you necessarily want an old-fashioned mower that you need to manually push to get the blades to spin. A power mower can be lightweight and easy to maneuver around your landscaping and outbuildings, and a smaller model can mean not overspending on a mower that is much more powerful than you need for your small space. When you're ready to choose a good power mower for your small yard, note a few features to consider so you know you aren't getting anything too lightweight or too big and cumbersome for what you need.

1. Electric versus gas powered

A gas powered mower will be stronger and more durable than one that runs on a battery or power cord. However, even for a smaller lawn, this doesn't mean that a gas powered engine is going to be beyond what you need. Rather than considering the size of your lawn, consider what you're cutting. If it's standard, soft grass, then a lightweight electrical mower will be good. If your lawn tends to grow thick weeds and brush along with the grass, you may need to upgrade to a gas powered mower no matter the size of your lawn. This will ensure it offers the power needed to cut through thick brush and heavy weeds.

If you do choose an electric mower, you can opt for one with a cord or a battery. Note the battery life if you prefer to work without cords; for a very lightweight model, the battery may run out even before you finish your small lawn. It can be bothersome to need to plug it in and wait for it to recharge, so either opt for a larger battery or ensure you get a backup battery you can use when the first runs out.

2. Wheels and propulsion

Consider how the wheels turn when getting a lawnmower, as this can help or hinder you when cutting your grass. Wheels that rotate on ball bearings will be easier to push around curved landscaping features and the corners of a garage and your house versus wheels that don't pivot. Even for a small yard, having to push and force a lawnmower around corners and curves can make the job much harder.

Self-propelled lawnmowers are also easier to use even on small lawns versus push mowers you need to propel yourself, but note that this extra power will drain a battery quicker, should you choose a battery-powered model.

For more information about your options, you can contact a local supplier of Australian mowers